Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day off day off oh so happy

I think if I had to go back to working five days in a row I would fall apart. I can't believe I've only had Wednesdays off since January and I'm so dependent on it. Must be getting old. Only plans today are to stitch on friendship blooms, I'm going to post a picture on Facebook, grind me if you want to see it darlene clement robert . Looking forward to spending time with Cameron today and playing with his new toys. I realized that everyone of the toys I bought needs batteries. I guess I'm a little shocked by this, I plan to make the next toys I purschuse battery free.

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  1. Good luck on finding toys that don't need batteries, its not like kids were small everything run on kid power now everything you need a batteries. I am reading the book you sent me night road. It is so good. It is drawing me in and I feel so sad for Jude. I am about half way. Thank you so much. Kristin Hannah is a great writer. Have you read any of her others..