Sunday, April 10, 2011

Funky Day

Spent yesterday feeling not quite myself. Not sick, somewhat bored and definetly tired. Did all my usual chores. Avoided going back to bed, really wanted a nap but I knew if I did that I wouldn't sleep last night. Never even picked up my stitching once during the day. I guess some days are just like that. Today I intend to make it a better day. My stitching buds are coming over this afternoon and I am looking forward to that. We have been meeting on Sundays as a friend has been working on Saturdays but I know I will be glad to return to stitching on Saturday afternoon. I try to have a less structured Sunday, family time and getting ready for the work week. Have been really faithful to my eating plan although it did not show up on the scale this week, stayed the same. I was kind of surprised as I had weighed myself several times at work and it seemed i was going in the right direction. Oh well since I knew I had been faithful to my eating plan it didn't much matter. I know there will be weeks like that this is a marathon not a sprint. And I know logically its not about the number on the scale (but that so matters sometimes)it is about the changes I am making towards a healthier lifestyle. I have been attenting my local OA (overeaters anamoyous (?)) meeting. I'm not sure its my thing yet, but I am willing to use all the tools available to me to help me get healithier. I have no problem admitting I'm addicted to food and that my life has become unmanageable, just not sure I am ready to give up control (yet). Guess I'll just keep listening. Have a great Sunday, Hope its sunny where you are. I am grateful for the beautiful day here in Virginia.

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