Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The gov't owes me money!

Realy the truth is they will be sending me back my own money but its more fun to think of it the other way. Every year I wait to the last minute to do my taxes. Tajes no time at all and you do it free on line. So whats my problem? I always think I'm going to owe money-so I allow my self to be anxious for a few months its good self abuse, don't ya think. So I did the fed and got back a respectable $141 (I have a problem with letting the gov't spend my money for a year and then giving it back to me with no interest) so I play it pretty close with my withholdings, when I did the state I got back $435! shocker! what will I do with that money, Pay off bills? hell no, save it? yea right, buy a little stash? you betcha! I will be having a little extra spending money when I go to Williamsburg next month. Oh the fabric, the fibers, the colored preferated paper, all mine, such joy. OK sorry for the bragging I'm just a happy girl. Got a little stitching done this morning and a little ripping out(which is unusual for me since I usually live with my mistakes). Enjoyed my lunch with my sister yesterday the lobster salad did not disappoint me. Doing my time at the Y after work (dosn't it sound like I'm talking about prison, well it feeels that way) Everyone have a great day and thanks for following my blog!


  1. Always happy to have money back from taxes. Enjoy your spending spree.

  2. woo hoo! Kind of makes up for what we had to PAY! Keep up the good work exercising! Hugs.