Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sittin at Panera Bread

Well I'm well into my third cup of coffee, read the newspaper, checked out some blogs, enjoyed a bagel and now its time to give you a little update of my weekend. Yesterday i got up early and did a good amount of stitching on Jenny Bean. I then went to the Y and did 30 minutes on the tread mill, I've decided to hold off on the strength machines for now as they are very busy when I get to the Y and I seem to be slowing up the flow as I'm not familiar with them also I need to "LOVE" the treadmill or at least tolerate it.So I have my "workout" clothes with me and will do my time at the Y before enjoying the afternoon with my stitching buds. Last night I experimented with making egg rolls, I put them in the oven rather than deep frying them. They were pretty good, next time I will leave them in the oven longer to get more crispy. 4 of them were 8 ww points, with that I had a salad, was a very satisfying meal. Tomarrow I am taking my sister out to lunch. We are going to the Green Onion in Norfolk ( for those of you who live in the area) They have the most amazing lobster rolls (only for lunch), somewhat pricy ($20.00) but you get tons of lobster in two New England style hotdog rolls (which are toasted) I will pass on the fries (which are also very good) but I WANT both rolls so I will have a light supper of vegtable soup. I have been looking forward to this meal but I do want to have another good weigh in (2.8 lbs lost last week) I would like to reach my ten percent goal by my birthday (8 lbs-4 weigh ins). Yesterday I pulled out some old journals and read through them. Kind of depressing, seems I've been battling the same issues for the past 10 years. At first I was feeling that I have made no progress in these areas then I decided I was just a slow learner, then I ripped out the old pages. They will not be there 10 years from now to laugh at me. Have a great Sunday, be good to yourself!


  1. Your egg rolls and lobster rolls sound yummy, and I think tearing those old pages out of your journal was a very smart thing to do. Keep up the great accomplishments!

  2. I, too, read the newspaper this morning and had a bagel. But that's where the similarities end! I also had a yogurt, half a bag of BBQ chips, and a Diet Pepsi, all within 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. And get this--I'm on WW online! I like to follow your progress and you're so committed to getting your exercise in. I re-joined WW online three weeks ago after losing 26 lbs as of Jan 1st, and have just lost 6 lbs! I regained 8 lbs. I'm not being serious this time around and need to get my butt in line and start walking again which helped me lose the weight the first time. So keep up the good work, 2.8 lbs is a good loss every week!