Monday, April 18, 2011

Lazy Blogger- found it

The week just kind of got away from me. And here it is almost monday again. Was able to atitch a little bit every day (which always improves my mmood) Worked some on Jenny Bean-slow progress but the piece still makes me smile. Also started a small piece for an exchage I am doing in the fall. this is a group exchange where there are several themes. The one I am currently working on is a fall theme- and I decided to modify the little house monthlies- I am using October-I love the pumpkins and the gate- am still working on what words to use at the top. Then I need a creative way to finish it. I have other themed items I need to work on for this exchange- and as we all know time has a way of getting away from us so I want to be on top of things. My birthday is coming up soon and I am a firm believer in gifting oneself (isn't that just another name for stash) anyways I have been debating about buying a sewing machine-just something simple to do some basic finishing and maybe a little sewing (I have never had much success in this area-I'm not patient, but patterns now seem so simple) anyways JoAnns had a sale this week and I bought a basic singer machine. I'm sure I'll be successful at this because Martha Stewarts picture was on the box and if Martha says I can do it well who am I to doubt Martha - we shall see-. Have a great sunday- stitch if you can and get some sun. Huggs


  1. Yeah, I couldn't follow a pattern if my life depended on it. But I can sure make a pillow! Which is what I'm taking a break from right now. I decided to tackle the finished pile today while I'm free for the day.

    I gifted myself for my birthday which falls in January. And I continued my b-day clear into March! We need to take care of ourselves and that includes gifting ourselves for our B-day and Christmas and whichever holiday comes up!

  2. I am so happy for you buying a sewing machine. I think you will do just fine with it.

  3. Congrats on the sewing machine!!! I use mine to finish ornaments and other finishes. I do have a pattern laid out to sew grand daugther a outfit. I am like you.. we shall see... lol