Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Movie

Last night I rented Wall Street and enjoyed it. I loved the musical score. Although I'm not a very critical movie critic I did enjoy my evening. I also watched Boys on the Side with Whoppie Goldberg there are very few movies I enjoy watching more than once but that's one of them. I also love the sound track from that movie. I also rented Mother and Child I was so excited to see it in my local red box. Funny story about that movie. It only played at the artsy small theater in our are. My daughter and I were so excited to see it we planned a girls day out lunch the whole deal. When we got to the theater I had read the ad wrong it had played the week before! So I promised I would buy it when it came out. So you can see why I was excited to see it. When I got home last night then I realized I couldn't watch it without her! So tomarrow night I will share my homemade soup with my girl. My son-in-law is going to California for the week so I should have some quality time with #1 daughter. Have a great Sunday

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  1. You will have to tell me about that movie you and DD are going to watch when I see you. Never heard of it. Nor Boys on the Side, but I do like Whoopi in Jumpin Jack Flash--have watched that more than once. Hugs!