Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pink fabric with a mind of its own

When I made my stitching plan for the weekend my main goal was to get busy on the prize for my sixty follower giveaway well wouldn't you know I couldn't find the pink fabric or the needed pattern, thought I had left it at work, briefly thought about driving to work to get it but

then decided that it would make my weekend seem short so on to plan B and as you know I accomplished quite a lot on
b'day present #1. When I got to work on Monday my stitching wasn't here. Well now I'm confused got home Monday night spent an hour of valuable stitching time looking for it. No luck. Then last night I found it right under my nose. Once in a while I catch that show on the Oprah network about cluttered homes or as I prefer to call my home organizationally challenged. Well my fingers will be flying this weekend so I can get the prize in the mail on Monday. There's still time to enter dear divas.

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