Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day!

I apologize to every one who is over their heads in snow. I'm excited for the day off because I know by this afternoon it will all be gone. There seems to be about three inches out there but here in Virginia that might as well be a foot. So I am all cozy and already stitching on Sam's socks. So far this is a fun piece. Once I get over having to cut the Weeks floss( I frustrate over the small stuff) I'm enjoying myself. So my trip to Target was for not as they did not have my lunch sack. I did notice that they have expanded their food section. Must be trying to compeat with Walmart. I don't care if they carry less outdoor stuff but I will miss some of the home decore stuff not that I ever have much cash left over after my stitching spending. I did buy a neat necklace and earings and was going to wear them tonight to Weight Watchers but they might be a little heavy.yea I'm crazy! Yesterday I had a swim buddy who met me at the Y just what I needed to keep me on track. I admire my friend who needs to travel about 30 minutes while I could walk(but never would). I have went swimming three times a week since I joined. It's not so much to aid my weight loss but it does feel good to move more, I don't even take WW activities points. Well if your home to day enjoy your extra free time if not please be safe on the roads. Thank you all for reading my ramblings I love your comments and your blogs.


  1. Enjoy your snow day! We actually had a dusting of the white stuff in my part of Virginia overnight! It was a wonderful surprise!