Saturday, February 5, 2011

soups on!

It's 5:30 am and my soup is in the crock pot. I decided on leeks and parsnips as my new veggies along with carrots,celery,diced tomatoes, a small can of corn for color some parsley and red pepper flakes. I used a carton on beef brooth and a package of knorrs veg soup mix. I will add some mini bow tie noodles the last hour. When I get home around 12 my house should smell like Julia Child moved in!


  1. I bet it smells great. I will be making some this morning too!

  2. Oh, my - I'm on my way! Think I can be there by noon???

  3. My, we are getting creative in our cooking, aren't we? I tried TWO new recipes this past week--one of which is for me only, as the others turned up their noses at it. But the other went over well. I will make it again! Yay! See you tomorrow--I am looking forward to it! Hugs!