Monday, February 28, 2011

There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not in my nature. Jane Austen

This such a beautiful saying someday I hope to stitch it. It also sums up my lovely day stitching with friends. It started my week off on a mellow note. This morning my swim buddy was back bearing gifts. I had been drolling over a butterfly lunch sack and she ordered it for me! LOVE IT! Cooked up a storm this weekend, I will post the recipies tomarrow real yummy and easy. Well I want to catch the last fleeting moments of warm weather and sunshine.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Diva winner!

Congratulations to Teresa. I have contacted Teresa to make arrangements to get her prize to her. Thank you all for entering I enjoyed reading your responses, I am in good company with all the stitching divas in blogland. Keep reading I will be having a new giveaway soon. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pink fabric with a mind of its own

When I made my stitching plan for the weekend my main goal was to get busy on the prize for my sixty follower giveaway well wouldn't you know I couldn't find the pink fabric or the needed pattern, thought I had left it at work, briefly thought about driving to work to get it but

then decided that it would make my weekend seem short so on to plan B and as you know I accomplished quite a lot on
b'day present #1. When I got to work on Monday my stitching wasn't here. Well now I'm confused got home Monday night spent an hour of valuable stitching time looking for it. No luck. Then last night I found it right under my nose. Once in a while I catch that show on the Oprah network about cluttered homes or as I prefer to call my home organizationally challenged. Well my fingers will be flying this weekend so I can get the prize in the mail on Monday. There's still time to enter dear divas.

Monday, February 21, 2011

a little extra time

My swimming buddy was not feeling well this morning so I was able to get in an extra 45 minutes of stitching of course then I didn't want to stop but I was a good girl and went to the Y. I got a lot of stitching done this weekend, I hope to finish birthday gift #1 by this weekend, sorry I can't share any details with you the birthday person is a follower. I hope to be able to stitch tonight, if I can keep my eyes open that is. In fridays mail I got a lovely surprise from Catherine at Bramblewood stitches. She sent me a lovely pin cushine with the sweetest buterfly yellow of course. I was so touched by her gift. Thank you Catherine for thinking of me. You truly made me feel like a stitching diva. Remember its not to late to enter the diva contest. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Friday, February 18, 2011

60 follower giveaway!

Well whoever my newest follower is thank you so much- in fact thankyou to all my followers- I so appreciate your support. So in homer of this milestone I am going to have a giveway. The prize will be a stitching diva finished hanging piece and some other surprises. If you wand to be entered you must be a follower and respond to this question I'm a stitching diva because.......... I will pick the winner on Feb 26th good luck to everyone. I look forward to your creative answers. So friends old and new put on your thinking caps.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Positive Thinking

Our workday lives are filled with opportunities to bless others. The power of a single glance or an encouraging smile must never be underestimate. G. Richard Widget

I am trying to hold on to this thought as I muddle through a difficult day. As a new social worker many years ago I remember talking with other social workers and planning our careers - we all wanted to work with the "worried well". Well that bus left the station and I didn't get on. The people I work with are sick, poor, scared and when God was passing out coping skills and sometimes manners they forgot to raise their hands. As the economy gets worse and there's so much talk of cutting back on programs I grow more frustrated. It's great to have all these mircle drugs but if your insurance wants you to pay a four hundred dollar co pay what good is it. So sometimes all I can do is smile and encourage my patients to hang in there. So if you have your health count our blessings. If you have health insurance you are double blessed.

On the stitching home front Sue recieved package and posted a picture on her blog. It made my day that you were pleased I'm already planning the next giveaway.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

What I would like most for Valentines Day is a nap! Oh yea streatched out on a beach chair somewheres warm, fruity cocktail in hand, stitching by my side. Ok back to reality, had a fun weekend. Stitched with the ladies on Sunday fun time there is just so much talent floating around that room its hard to keep up with all the good ideas. I started a small project on Sunday, its a small design by Sherry Senicar called stitching diva, I am doing it on a scrap of green fabric and "winging" the colors. I came across a small piece of pink fabric the other day but for the life of me I cannot find it now. A place for everything and everything in its place is something I'm working on. I decided I needed to buy myself something for Valentines day. Since I need instant gratification I can't order any stitching stuff on line. Candy is out. Then it hit me my own toaster for my office. It hit me when I came to work this morning and one of the "kids" was cooking fish sticks in the toaster oven at 8:30 am then I'm supposded to toast my English muffin? I don't think so. Have a great day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

great day

"Today I am learning to think and act in a positive way that is healthy for my mind, body and spirit."

Yesterday I went to the doctors and got an excellent report. All my labs were in the normal range and I was so grateful. I have been seeing this doctor since Oct. I felt that the doctor I was seeing was not doing enough for my high blood sugars. She wanted to see me every month then wouldn't' change anything. I had been saying I was going to get a new doctor for the past two years. I'm so glad I made the change. My new doctor empowers me, let's me manage my diabetes like I have half a brain. When I don't eat like I'm supposed to I take more insulin. Because I'm responsible I do a better job. As I continue to lose weight my hope I can not need the insulin. Lost 3.8 lbs this week. I started a new project yesterday I can't say much about it because its a birthday IOU I will say its working up quickly, I'm using an overdyed silk so no color changes. I'm planning a birthday dinner for two of my stitching buds and I do plan on having a piece of cake but someone will be taking the rest of the cake home with them!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day!

I apologize to every one who is over their heads in snow. I'm excited for the day off because I know by this afternoon it will all be gone. There seems to be about three inches out there but here in Virginia that might as well be a foot. So I am all cozy and already stitching on Sam's socks. So far this is a fun piece. Once I get over having to cut the Weeks floss( I frustrate over the small stuff) I'm enjoying myself. So my trip to Target was for not as they did not have my lunch sack. I did notice that they have expanded their food section. Must be trying to compeat with Walmart. I don't care if they carry less outdoor stuff but I will miss some of the home decore stuff not that I ever have much cash left over after my stitching spending. I did buy a neat necklace and earings and was going to wear them tonight to Weight Watchers but they might be a little heavy.yea I'm crazy! Yesterday I had a swim buddy who met me at the Y just what I needed to keep me on track. I admire my friend who needs to travel about 30 minutes while I could walk(but never would). I have went swimming three times a week since I joined. It's not so much to aid my weight loss but it does feel good to move more, I don't even take WW activities points. Well if your home to day enjoy your extra free time if not please be safe on the roads. Thank you all for reading my ramblings I love your comments and your blogs.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's the little things

So yesterday at work one of our contract workers came in with the cuteset lunch sack. It was a little bigger than the one I have which is good because I take my breakfast,lunch and snacks, (a lot of food) and the bonus is it had butterflys on it! I am such butterfly freak) I am an ovarian cancer survivor (12 years- thank you God) and when I was goings through therapy I did some guided imigery and used a yellow butterfly as my guide I would invision the butterfly traveling through my body and healing it of my cancer. It was very empowering and relaxing. So I MUST have this lunch box. I would have gone to Target after work yesterday but didn't have my wallet. So tonights the night. I don't stitch a lot of butterflys but have a lot of jewlery thanks to friends and my daughter. I love it when I get a "butterfly" gift. And I love it when I find a gift for someone that is their special something. What is your special somethingi

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Movie

Last night I rented Wall Street and enjoyed it. I loved the musical score. Although I'm not a very critical movie critic I did enjoy my evening. I also watched Boys on the Side with Whoppie Goldberg there are very few movies I enjoy watching more than once but that's one of them. I also love the sound track from that movie. I also rented Mother and Child I was so excited to see it in my local red box. Funny story about that movie. It only played at the artsy small theater in our are. My daughter and I were so excited to see it we planned a girls day out lunch the whole deal. When we got to the theater I had read the ad wrong it had played the week before! So I promised I would buy it when it came out. So you can see why I was excited to see it. When I got home last night then I realized I couldn't watch it without her! So tomarrow night I will share my homemade soup with my girl. My son-in-law is going to California for the week so I should have some quality time with #1 daughter. Have a great Sunday

Saturday, February 5, 2011

And the winner is:

Stitchin sweet sue! Please send me your mailing address. Thank you to every one who entered my giveaway. I'll post the prizes once stitching sweet sue recieves her package. I look forward to your comments and am already planning future giveaways. My email is

soups on!

It's 5:30 am and my soup is in the crock pot. I decided on leeks and parsnips as my new veggies along with carrots,celery,diced tomatoes, a small can of corn for color some parsley and red pepper flakes. I used a carton on beef brooth and a package of knorrs veg soup mix. I will add some mini bow tie noodles the last hour. When I get home around 12 my house should smell like Julia Child moved in!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun weekend plans

I am so excited for this weekend. Have stitchie plans both days. Saturday I am planning to go to a low impact swim class, this will make up for the swim session I missed on Wednesday since I chose to spend the time curled up under the covers. Then a trip out to breakfast. Then my friend will come over and spend the afternoon stitching. I plan to start a vegtable soup in my crock pot, plan to try some new veggies, maybe leeks, any suggestions? Then Sunday my stitching buddies will be coming over , its been over a month since we've all been together. Looking forward to spending time with the ladies. They will also be helping me decode on my giveaway prizes. And showng me how to pick a winner. It has been great fun to see my followers list grow I wish I could give everyone a prize. You still have a couple of days to enter in on the fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new project

I have started working on Sam's socks,shorts -n- such by raise the roof this is such a fun series I have compleated five and they hang in my daughters laundry room. Makes me happy that she has these to enjoy. I plan to do two more after this Scrubs and Peter cottontail. If I could get my fingers motivated I could have them all done my the end of April - we shall see. I also have two birthdays in Feb and they have opted to take an I owe U. Have lots of ideas in my head for these projects. Now that we have January behind us and I was very happy to wave goodbye I am hoping to have a burst of energy. On a whole I am pleased with my New years resolution progress. Need to stay focused on my long range goals. Hope every one is warm and happily stitching!