Monday, March 21, 2011

Face Lift

As you probably guessed I am not very computer knowledgeable so I must depend on the kindness of friends to help me out. This weekend my friend Maggie and I got togeter on Sunday for our weekly stitch fest, 2 members down but we held the group together (by the way,great spinich dip). So I wanted to change the background on my blog. Maggie was very sweet to take time away from her stitching to help me out. Well it turned into quite the project really gave Maggie the fits, but I think it looks great and I thank you Maggie. Before going to Maggies I had a little shopping spree at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had seen this Weight Watchers cook book there but for some reason couldn't tell by the way it was packaged if it was a new cook book or a collection of ones I already had. Anyways my daughter bought it and said it was really good, so of course I had to have it. While I was there I took a look in the gadget department, big mistake. I am a sucker. so I needed a new citrus squeezer, bought one last week but it was plastic and it broke, this one is metal. Also I have such a had time making eggs for egg sandwiches, they had this cute little pan just the perfect size. Then I found this cute little omlet maker, its about four inches round and you cook one side then flip it over to cook the other side, Can't wait to use it. Also bought my sister an imersion blender for her birthday. Shes a very good cook and very hard to buy for so big sigh I've got her birthday covered with 2 weeks to spare!

On the stitching front I got the Jenny Bean friendship sampler started. Got 7 letters of the alphebet started, those four houses look pretty time consuming. I'm not liking the lambswool much too stif and having some trouble seeing the holes so I know I should work on it every day to get used to it, Will see how that goes. Hope everyones Monday gets off to a good start. Peace and Love

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  1. Your blog looks great! That omelet maker sounds like something I'd like. We all need a shopping spree every now and then!