Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Projects!

Yesterday I got my B'Day projects offf to the framer. It was a load of my mind. And although on Sunday I started the Jenny Bean friendship sampler (and no I have not worked on it since-bad girl)and have been sporadicly working on Sams Socks I decied I needed some small projects to take to work. So this morning I kitted up a couple of patterns that I got over the weekend from my friend Maggie (my very generous friend) The first one is a cute little Lizzie Kate Quick-it design Dogs leave paw prients I am doing it on a dull yellow fabric and pulleed threads from my stash- I am making this for my "grand-Puppy" Benjamin- this is hard for me to admit but I really don't like dogs- would never in a million years have one but I love Benjamin! He is a big dog and so sweet-he is the light of my daughters eye-she is thinking of sending him to doggie daycare-as he loves other dogs. anyways I am making this to hang on his crate (he loves his crate)so He'll think of me. The send one is a design by Beth Twist called I will stitch you in my heart it is a Heartstring Primitives design- I am using a piece of green fabric and again I took the threads from my stash. I think I will make this into a pillow for my daughter.I can't wait to get started on these projects. Tonight is weight watchers and although I was on program all week will have to see if my efforts will be rewarded. I do know I have been able to lower the amount of insulin I take at night and I rarely have to take any during the day, so I need to focus on those things not just the scale. I have to tell you a funny story, my daughter comes to supper on tuesdays, my son-in-law has school usually but this week was semester break so he came. He asked Rachel what I was making for dessert-Rachel told him I wasn't making dessert to which he relpied "theres always dessert". Sorry Joe theres a new eating plan! Have a great day-stitch your heart out!


  1. Great job on with w.w. this week - the insulin requirements are more important than the number on the scale!

  2. So glad you liked those charts enough to get started on them right away! You go girl! Now if you would only remember to spell my name right... See you in two weeks, more or less...