Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Making life a little easier

I have a key ring full of keys I have no idea what there for.I have two keys that look exactly alike. One opens my office the other does not the odds are 50% of the time I use the wrong key. The same thing with my house key. This has been going on for years AND I MEAN YEARS. So did it take a rocket scientist to figure out that I needed to take the mystery keys off my key ring. Now I'm no longer frustrated 50% of the time when I chose the wrong key. It amazes me that problems that are so easily solved somehow escape me. So I am now on the lookout for more of these. Tell me about the little things you avoid doing that if you just took action your life would be so much easier. I would hate to think I am the only one out there. Find time to stitch today. I know have 5 secounds more to my day that I can use to stitch.

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