Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Omlette maker

I could not wait to try my new mini omlette maker so instead of quina chilie I made an omlette for supper last night. Beat up a couple of eggs, sprayed the omlette pan with pam put in some salsa, some cheese closed the lid, cooked it for three minutes on one side flipped it over and cooked it another three minutes. Opened the pan it flipped right out on to my plate. So delish, and easy. I give this gadget 5 stars. I can see many more omletts in my culinary future. Got a little stitching done last night and stitched for a couple of hours this morning before work did not want to get ready for work but the thought of being homeless motivated me. Where is my prince charming, who will support me while I persue my lifes passion. Could be hes hidding somewheres with my winning lottery ticket. Hope everyone has a good afternoon, find a little time to put up your feet and stitch, your worth it.

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  1. I think I had one of those pans, verion 1.0, years ago... it was NOT very good! Glad yours is working out! Have a nice rest of the week! Hugs!