Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quite day lovin it

Have been stitching most of the day. Have put in the last stitches in birthday gift #2. Now I need to save up some money to get them both framed. I'm feeling a little anxious about money today. Got my notice in the mail for my lease renewel I expected my rent would go up about 20 dollars but it is going up 50! Kind of suprised. Seems whenever I get ahead its a step back. Such is life. Well thank goodness I have that stash to rely on, see another reason to buy when the times are good. So what should I pull out of my stash. I have so many WIP's and I love them all but I yearn to start something new. So with no guilt I am going to start Jenny Bean's friendship Sampler- I am going to do it on 32 ct Lambs Wool ( a piece I bought from ABC stitch and alredy comes surged-gotta love it. I actually can't believe I've held off starting this project because from the moment it came out it called my name. Well then again thats true of all my WIP'S ha ha.Well enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks for reading my blog.


  1. Horray for stash! Oh, and don't forget about digging through your stitching buddies stash either. Between all of us we could stitch for the next 100 years without buying a thing! LOL!

  2. Hi. I know how you love surged fabric so just call me anytime, I got a new surger that works like a charm.

  3. Hey there! Looking forward to seeing your progress on Jenny Bean! I really don't enjoy worrying about finances either--who does?? So, as is heard so often, stitching keeps me sane! Using what I have is the name of the game at this time... Hugs!