Wednesday, January 19, 2011

isn't technology wonderful

I went on line found a washing machine. Called the store found out it was in stock paid for it with my debit card scheduled the delivery for tomarrow. All from the comfort of my office during my lunch break! No wonder were such an obese country no one moves anymore. I HATE to shop. So I am taking tomarrow off to welcome my new washing machine.I plan on getting some serious stitching done. This morning I had a work meeting at 8am which is an hour earlier then I usually show my face.last night I told my daughter I was thinking of swimming Thursday instead of today. She said it sounded like a cop out. WHICH WAS TRUE! So I got up and was at the YMCA an hour early. Now tomarrow I can spend stitching and washing !


  1. Yes, technology can be wonderful in some ways, awful in others. Worked well for you today tho! Enjoy the stitching time! And congrats on swimming faithfully! Hugs.

  2. Dontcha love it? At Christmas I found out about a great deal on something my daughter wanted for Christmas-one of those lightning deals- so I set an alarm on my phone and when it went off I went online on my phone while shopping in Target and ordered it! :)