Sunday, January 16, 2011


Thank you to all my new followers and for all your kind thoughts. I hope you will visit often and I can keep you interested. Had a great afternoon yesterday with my stitching buds (minus 1 who is visiting her very ill father in NY) Friends are so precious-they ease the road through life which can sometimes be rocky. I will admit that yesterday I did more talking then stitching which is unusual for me as I as usually a busy beaver. I will tell you that I will be "coached" soon on how to add pictures to my blog so please hang on there with me. Yesterday while traveling blog I came upon I a post by Edgar where he posted a picture of a piece he is working by Mary Beale called Sampler Wreath OMG I fell in love.You know that feeling we all get when a project calls out to us GOT TO HAVE IT NOW feeling. Even though I'm trying very hard to use my stash-all that went out the window. I looked on line- no luck-was starting to get desperate-cause you know I have nothing to work on RIGHT. I mentioned this to one of my stitching friends and she said "oh sweetie I have that pattern,let me dig it up for you" instant relief. And thanks to patty I didn't have to break my New Years resolution. Have a great Sunday!


  1. Welcome to blog world! I traveled into this addicting arena less than a year ago and the talent in the blogs is astounding. I love reading Edgar's blog - he's one that fuels my addiction.

    I agree 1000%, friends can help during times of turmoil, no matter the cause. It's neat that your daughter's hopsital made the sweater and such - my son was a premie and they had special hats instead of the hopsital norm for those that had to stay longer than normal.

    Good luck figuring out the pictures - they still give me a challenge once in awhile.

    sometime come visit me at my blog if you get a chance...

  2. SEE??? We told you that blogging is fun! I didn't get much done yesterday either, but it was satisfying enough to finally get together! And then I stitched till 1:00 a.m. today! Got the inside border started... sure are a lot of borders on this piece! Hugs!

  3. I know that I stitched about a dozen stitches when I started #15 yesterday, but I didn't stitch much more than that. I think we all needed the "bitch" instead of the "stitch"! I'm so glad that we are there for each other. I'm really dreading Saturdays this tax season.......I will have to make sure that I get out early at least once a month so that I can be with my friends.

    Congrats on all the new followers! (Let me know if you need help with posting pictures using your phone.)

  4. Just wanted to say that OMG-GOT TO HAVE IT NOW was the first words muttered when I spotted the Praiseworthy Stitches design in the newest issue of JCS! It's called Winter at Beacon House. I am perfectly willing to stop all WIP stitching right now to stitch that design! I just need to get all the supplies together for it.

    Have fun with your blog!

  5. Hey Darlene,
    So sorry to hear about Rachel and the baby..You all were in my thoughts and prayers..I've saved your blog address to my favorites as I have done with Maggee' reading up on what everyone is stitching..later..Debbie