Monday, January 17, 2011

monday already?

Well this weekend flew by. I come from a family of teachers and government workers so I always feel like I'm the only one working. My dialysis clinic only closes for thanksksging,Christmas and new years. In a way its nice to have all the fexabiliy when it comes to time off. Lots of family time this weekend, my daughter seems to be doing well. Not a lot of stitching done this weekend, I hope to get motivated. Looking forward to Harrys Law tonight I'm a big Kathy Bates fan. We need to support any actress over 50 LOL. Hope I can stay up,wish it was on at 8 instead of
10,no ability to record shows . That would cut into my stitching fund. I was visited this weekend by a gaurdian angel. I was complaining to my sister about my broken washing machine (its only 3 years old and it died). She gave me the money to buy a new one. I will need to stitch her something very special!


  1. Oh, that is wonderful of your sister! Hooray! Had today off, so I get a good little bit of stitching done on Joy in the Journey, and hope to get more done tonight. You are up to 47 today! woohoo! Hugs to you.

  2. Yeah Sis! I know how much you will appreciate that new washing machine. Thank goodness you won't have to dip into stash money now. ;)

    Congrats on all the new followers!