Thursday, January 6, 2011

stitching update

I am currently working on several projects (that I will admit to) I was furiously working on Old Macdonald) and lost my steam, I also started Cinderella by Maribila on Christmas day and have not put the needle to the fabric in the past few days (more like a week) what I have been working on is Lize Kate ABC of Christmas (go figure) I keep this project at work but picked it up after being idle for about six months. Go figure-probably because its such s pleasant and easy stitch and I have a lot going on lately. I had many finishes in 2010- I'm guessing 50/60? I plan to keep track this year. One of my big finishes is One Nation-I really had no place to hang it but really wanted to do it. When I drew my bro-in-laws name in our family gift exchange I knew I found it a home. I didn't let the fact that we Exchange Christmas stockings deter me. I went to Michaels and bought one of those giant stockings-fit like a glove! Happy stitching!

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