Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Stash arrived!

I generally do not check my mail every day, to be honest I really check it about once a week. But since I knew I would be getting my order from ABC stitch I thought I would check every day, didn't expect it but to my surprise there it was. Well most if it anyways, lizzie Kate peace ornament and the enchanted tree were back ordered. I loved everything except the antique animal sampler. There is one animal on there that looks very weird, like a gargoyle. It spoils the whole piece for me. If I stitch it I will have to replace it. Coming along with my exchange, it will be in the mail tomarrow! Praise the stitch god. Have a good day and enjoy some quite time with your needle.


  1. Yes!! Too bad about the ugly animal!! We will ponder over it this coming weekend and see what it COULD be! Maybe I will get my order! Get that exchange piece finished! Hugs!

  2. It always feels good to get new stash! If I am thinking of the correct animal, isn't there a title stitched near it, naming it as the silly monster? With "for Tom" stitched underneath. I'm wondering if the silly monster was stitched for a small boy? Just a thought. The one that gets me is just to the left of the silly monster ~ looks like a tick....yuck!

  3. Getting new stash is like celebrating Christmas all over! Congrats!!