Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hearts Desire

I have been trying to get on the net all week to make up my shopping list from all the goodies from Nashville. So here goes.
1. Friendship Blooms-Blue Ribbon
2. The emerald forest-CM. Designs
3. Antique Animal Sampler-Elizabeth Designs
4. Amish alphabet-From the Heart
5. Rabbit alphabet
6. Less fear....more hope-Lizzie Kate
7. Majestic Cardinal-Bobbie G Designs

Well that should break the bank. I have not done a lot of stitching this week and really need to get busy. I have stitch group this afternoon and plan on hermitting tomarrow. Chores are done, easy meals planned. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay dry.


  1. Nashville this year was filled with lots of goodies!! You have a great list going! DH is gone this weekend, housework can wait, I will become one with my recliner this weekend! Enjoy your hermit time!!

  2. Love the list! May a windfall cover the cost:)

  3. I like Amish Alphabet too, now that I finally found it! Hugs!