Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Stash!

Took a road trip today to Williamsburg. The shop there Haus Tirol has lovely things. I got all the fabric and needed threads to do the new projects I ordered from ABC Stitch (hope they come soon. I also couldn't resist some pretty spring colors, 32 ct alluring blue. Belfast,Lavender bliss, and Lugana lemon drop, also got some silks and wildflower threads with no project in mind. Just couldn't resist them. Also picked up Home, A Haven by homespun elegance. We then had a late lunch at Applebees. My new favorit resturant. The WW meals are to die for. Then came home and stitched. Although I was dying to start a new project but I'm furriously working on mu exchange project. also welcome to my two new followers. and thanks to all my readers.


  1. That sounds like fantastic new stash and pretty fabbie colours!

    I like the Applebees WW menu too, but I find it so high in salt and chugging back water for a day afterwards!

  2. Haus Tirol - that's the name of the shop!!! When I mentioned you will enjoy the XS store in Wmsburg, I could not for the life of me remember the name! There is a great store in Fredericksburg too! Oh how I miss Virginia!! Glad you got to indulge!!

  3. I am glad you had a shopping day too! I always love days to shop, "just because" :) All of your goodies sound wonderful! Thank you for stopping by my blog, meant the world to me, especially today :)