Saturday, March 31, 2012

Working Saturday

This is my Saturday to work and I am feeling very unmotivated. I think this. Will have to be a bagel morning. An everything bagel with. Honey pecan cream cheese. Yum. I left my friendship blooms at work so I'm not stitching this morning. Also not motivated to pick up another project. This afternoon is stitch group. Looking forward to seeing my buds. So I've made my decision to buy an iPhone. My daughter has a Sams club membership and its about $100 cheaper there so 4-11 is the day. I'm am sure "surie" will whip my life on shape. She has all the answers hahaha. Maybe she can give me the winning lottery numbers, cause I sure didn't win last night! Will I've rattled on long enough for today


  1. We finally got iPhones this week - so much easier to keep all if our schedules straight!

  2. Gutted... We didn`t win the lottery either!Lol