Saturday, March 10, 2012

stash on its way!

I just got an email from ABC stitch that my order has been shipped. I will be anxiously waiting for the mail. After all I have nothing else to stitch! I am so impatient. This morning I did dome stash organization and honestly it was like shopping because a lot of that stuff I don't even remember buying! Either I'm slipping into old age or someone loves me and just keeps adding to my stash when I'm not looking. I chose to look at things in a positive light so thanks fairy godmother. Have a great stitching day .


  1. That happen to me too...but some of the things are so old I wondered why I bought it, I guess my tastes have changed! When I worked in our LNS i would buy charts 3 times because I liked them so much...LOL!!

  2. It's the stash elf! I'm going to do some organizing too and take inventory of what I have. That'll take all day!

  3. Lol stash diving is always a lot of fun!