Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I have a plan!

I have always thought that it would be great fun to go on a cruise with a group of fellow stitchers. There is a 6 night cruise going to the Bahamas leaving Norfolk,VA May 27 (Sun) returning June 2 (Sat). It is on the Carnival Glory. I went on this cruise with my family in Oct. And had a great time. For an inside cabin it was $616! For those of you within driving distance to Norfolk there is no flight . I thought it would be fun to call it the "Christmas in May cruise" each person could kit up a Christmas ornament for her fellow travelers to stitch, it could be something from the ornament issue or if your so inclined your own design. Other ideas are welcome. I know this is short notice for many people so I want to get the word out to as many people ad possible. If you post this on your blog before March 10 I'll enter you in a drawing for a new Shepards Bush kit. I'll list some of the choices on the next week. I'm ashamed to day I have MANY. If you want to email me your questions or interest my email is darclerob@hotmail.com.


  1. I would love to come but funds wouldn't allow, especially from the UK!


  2. What a wonderful idea!! Unfortunately, I don't have the funds right now and my duties here don't allow the time....but I wish you and everyone who joins you a GREAT time!!!

  3. What a great idea! I already have a stitching retreat planned for that month so I won't be able to afford both, but I did post about it on my blog.