Sunday, February 12, 2012


I meant to buy a lottery ticket all day. Even planned my numbers but alas I never bought a ticket. I have a "thing" about going to convience stores. I try to avoid them because I always seem to snack. So as a result I am still money poor today. Oh well. It is bitter cold and windy this morning. Again I beg my northern friends to forgive my whimmpiness. So today will be a day to suggle up with my stitching and TV. It's a tough life. I'm planning to make a WW friendly supper tonight. A take on chicken cor don blue. I'll let you know how it turns out. I also have some lovely asparagus. I'm a real sucker for the pre packaged veggies. They seem to be fresher and cooking is almost fool proof. Thus is the first time I've found asparagus this way. Love the green beans that come this way. So sad about Whittney Houston, I thank God everyday, I have been spared the pain of addiction. Hope everyone has a great day. Enjoy your self and hug those close to you.

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  1. Yeah--I think it said someone in New England--maybe Rhode Island won the big lottery! What a shame it wasn't YOU! I missed the big snow!! Oh well... maybe it will happen again before spring. Ha! See you next weekend! Hugs!