Monday, February 13, 2012

good morning! blogger friends

Well its a chilly Monday morning and I sure need my coffee this morning. This weekend I was more of a cooking diva then a stitching diva. Sat I made a pork roast with red potatoes and onions, turnip and salad, yesterday I mad chicken cor don blue, I poundwd out a 3 oz chicken breast but on a layer of spinich, a layer of WW Mexican cheese (about an oz) and a small stick of ham, I rolled it up and rolled it in crispy panco ,sprinkled on a little olive oil and baked it for 40 min at 350. It was a hit and I have some good leftovers for the week. As I was very WW focused all weekend I hope I am rewarded with a weight lose on thur. That is if I can avoid the candy isle on Valentines day! My plan today is to go into work and wade through the paperwork that has piled up. I hope it looks worst then it is. Hope every one has a good start to their week. What are you planning for your special Valentine?

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