Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A big hug to my stitching friends!

Happy Valentines Day! Love this "holiday" although I never need a reminder to spread some love some of my fondest childhood memories involve Valentines day. Do kids still have parties in school, I loved trading cards. And little treats. My mom was not one of those moms who baked so when my kids were little I was that mom. I have a picture of my son sitting at the kitchen table with his dad writing his valentines. We made dots on the cards to spell his name and he connected them. He worked so hard his little tongue sticking out. I also have a Valentine my grandmother sent Me more than 50 years ago. I look at that card and I'm taken back to the feelings I felt all those years ago. I felt so loved. I guess that's why I love to spread my love on this day, you never know what memories your creating for people. Thanks for following me down memory lane today. Hope you make some great memories today . Hugs

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  1. Hugs to you on Valentines Day! Keep the feelings going!