Sunday, February 5, 2012

coffee and chat

Blessed Sunday your finally here! Yesterday was a great day. Did my taxes and I was pleased with the results. Will spend the next week or so planning how to spend my windfall. Had a great time at stitching group. Was treated to a visit by two other stitching friends I hadn't seen in a while. I was quite, my nose stuck in my stitching. But it was great to catch up with everyone. Did not do my grocery shopping yet. It's kind of a pain on the first week of the month as this is the busyest time. But todays the day I'll get there early and home in time to enjoy the news shows. Has any seen the Amish alphabet by ? It's new I saw it on Hoffman. Gotta have it. Well hope everyone enjoys their "super" Sunday. As for me although I am a long standing Patriots fan I will be stitching and channel surfing. Hugs


  1. Today is Grammie day right? Enjoy time with that cutie! I'm hoping to see my grand pup today.

  2. Enjoyed seeing you yesterday, have a good (stitching) day.