Thursday, February 9, 2012

need a to do list

I feel like I'm falling behind on my Feb goals. I'd like to say there aren't enough hours on the day but the problem is there are not enough hours in which I have the energy. Is this what happens when you get older. I am a very poor sleeper so I need to be "in bed" for nine hours just to rest my body. I get up every 45-60 minutes to use the bathroom. So that cuts into my quality of sleep. Tv boars me. I do make good meals and don't eat out a lot so that takes time. I just sure could use those 40 plus hours I spend at work. It's not that I don't enjoy my job its just not number one. But I sure so like the paycheck LOL I expect to much. Do you all feel the same way. I know I should be enjoying the moment but can't quite get that. Tonight I am going out to a medical dinner with colleges I enjoy being with. It's at a resturant I've never been to before so that will be fun. It's free so that makes it even better. It's way past my bedtime so o better have several cups of coffee with my desert or no one will hear the speaker over my snoring! Have a great day? What's on your to do list?


  1. Hope you have a good night!!

    1. Thank you Pat, free steak and desert how can i go wrong

  2. I have a large to do list. And like you not enough eneergy to get it all done. Today is my early day and I am hoping to get some things done. Have fun tonight!