Thursday, February 16, 2012

back to work

Had a nice day off yesterday. Had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with My daughter, grandson and daughters MIL. They have a lot of light choices on there menu, although I had the Carolina chicken salad and I would bet it was more then the stated 467 cal., so I didn't eat the shreded carrots LOL. Then we went to Khols. I bought another bag and some things for Cameron. I also decided on a RAK, our ward clerk at work is a sweet girl having her first baby, a little girl, her husband just came from the Phillapines, they work very hard and both earn just a little more than minimum wage. I bought her a cute little outfit. I think I will leave it on her desk with a little note but not sign my name. I plan to do this again soon. Giving is such a selfish thing to do, makes me feel good. Way better than prozac LOL! Stitched a little yesterday. Not as much as I hoped but that's ok. I am planning to go to Michaels after work, why I'm not sure but I'm sure something will catch my eye. Then pizza with my son. Hope he's in a good mood. Sometimes he's very trifffiling. Isn't it funny how your kids can be so different. Well have a good day.


  1. Goodness that brings back some lovely memories, we remember having great meals at Ruby Tuesdays, a bit far to travel,it's an 8 hour flight. If our plans come together we hope to revisit USA in the next couple of years.

    1. Where are you from marlene? Hope you get to vacation in the us again soon. Thanks for reading my blog and your comment.