Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hermitting today

I have no plans today. My only goal is to nap and stitch. I already have a pot of vegtable soup on. Last night I went to a stitching friends home to celebrate her birthday. Her mom was in town and wanted to give her a party. She made a great meal- Mexican stuffed shells (pasta) they were delish I will be making these. We also had homemade salsa- such a treat in the winter. And to top it of a chocolate cake. I will be making those shells for sure. When I get the recipie I'll pass it on. In reviewing my week I did not accomplish as much as I'd hoped. Had planned to write a to do list but didn't. Sometimes I think my expectations are to high. Oh well, this is another week. It's funny if I sit back and think what I did do it dosnt seem so bad. I guess I'll never going to be happy unite I have compleated every stitching project. ya I need to get a new mind set. I am hoping today is the day I don't have to hear the "rehash" on Whittney Houston. I don't mean to be mean but enough is enough. One week over and over. I almost long for the political news. And that's sad. Hope every one has a great day. Stay warm, count your blessings.


  1. I understand how you feel about not getting everything done that you want to, yes I think we expect a little too much from ourselves. But I bet you did tons this week. My goal today is to curl up with Tink and stitch. Good idea!

  2. Enjoy your Sunday! "Have a positive week".