Wednesday, February 15, 2012


When I got to work yesterday I was treated to flowers outside my office door. I have never gotten flowers at work and as silly as it seems it was an item on my bucket list. Actually its a mircle I got them because apparently fed x delivered them after we closed Mon, and staff found them when they got to work at 4:00am. It's safe to say I do not work in the safest part of Norfolk. We are often a hangout for the homeless. Well I guess I was blessed to have recieved my flowers. I had a little fun at work keeping everyone guessing who my secret admirer was. I finally shared that my multi colored roses were from my daughter and grandson. They sure kept a smile on my face all day. I babysat Cameron last night so his mommy and daddy could go out to dinner. As their reservations were not till 8:00 it was a late night for me. Glad I have today off. Planning to go out to lunch with Rachel and her mother in law who is visiting from VT. then a little retail therapy at Khols. Need to also work on my Feb goals. Have a good day.


  1. Awww...the flowers were such a sweet gesture.
    I love Kohl's. I was just there yesterday! We don't have one too near where I live at home so it was nice to find one close to where we are here in GA.

  2. So no babysitting today, eh? Well, probably just as well, so if you lose steam in the middle of the day cause of your late night, you can take a nap! Flowers sound pretty! I also was surprised to come home to roses and candy from hubby! See you this weekend!