Saturday, March 31, 2012

Working Saturday

This is my Saturday to work and I am feeling very unmotivated. I think this. Will have to be a bagel morning. An everything bagel with. Honey pecan cream cheese. Yum. I left my friendship blooms at work so I'm not stitching this morning. Also not motivated to pick up another project. This afternoon is stitch group. Looking forward to seeing my buds. So I've made my decision to buy an iPhone. My daughter has a Sams club membership and its about $100 cheaper there so 4-11 is the day. I'm am sure "surie" will whip my life on shape. She has all the answers hahaha. Maybe she can give me the winning lottery numbers, cause I sure didn't win last night! Will I've rattled on long enough for today

Friday, March 30, 2012

OK that worked

I am not a fan of this new foremat. It won't let me see what I'm typing, and trust me I'm not that good. Have continued to work on Blue Ribbon Friendship Blooms. This project makes me so happy. I also got the rest of my ABC stitch order. Amish alphabet is gorgeous I can't wait to start it. Also got a Lizzie Kate flipet ornament, peace. I'm hoping this will jump start my ornament stitching mojo, cause I'm way behind. Hope everyone has a fun weekend.

please let me post

Blogging is giving me problems. Won't let me post. I'm going to try a short note to see what happens.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

good morning!

First I want to welcome my new followers, as well as my new Facebook friends. I appreciate the time you spend reading my blog. Ap yesterday I had a lovely afternoon stitching with my buds. There were three of us yesterday, Jennifer (confessions of a serial starter) is still working on Sat. I made good progress on Friendship Blooms. Jennifer had gotten us all these metal trees for Christmas and we all agreed that the smalls would look lovely on the tree. Maggee is way ahead of us as she has been using her tree. She has done many smalls, birds ect. My problem I want to have them finished all at once. I sense a problem here. Nothing planned for today just stitching and maybe a little reading. I finally finished my Feb selection "we need to talk about Kevin" it was a very difficult book to read, but I would not let it get the best of me. I am relucent to reccomend it as the subject matter is very dark, ( school shooting, bad seed, relucent mother) but I will say it is a book I will never forget. So my goal is two read two books a month, marchs selections are "Something Like Beautiful" by Asha Bandele, she wrote The Prisoner's Wife a book I read several years ago and remembered so when I saw this book at the doller store I thought I'd give it a try. It's a short book (200 pages) my second book is House Rules by Jodie Picoult her books tend to move along quickly. Have a great stitch day Hugs

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brain Storm

Although I cannot post pictures to my blog I can to Facebook. I have posted pictures of the exchange I recieved and sent and I picture of my christmas finishes. If you want a peek send me a friend request Darlene Clement Robert.

Got my feet up!

I'm planning my own personal herrmitting weekend. Did my grocery shopping yesterday. Am doing a little housework and laundrey between stitches. I am working on Blue Ribbons Friendship blooms and I am so in love with this project. The colors are bright and the small motiefs are fun to stitch. I have also decided that 32 count flax Belfast is my all time favorite fabric. Can you tell I'm a happy stitcher. My friend Maggee is coming over this afternoon to stitch and gab, so looking forward to friend time. I recieved my spring exchange and got some lovely new threads and fabrics as well as an I love cross stitch stand up. If you've never participated in an exchange I encourage you to give it a try. It's so much fun. Take the plung and invite your readers to start one. The same goes for RAK 's. You get so much pleasure in brightening someones day. And I also want to pat myself on the back because this morning I finished three Christmas projects into pillows. ABC of Christmas, A little house gingerbread piece and a lizie Kate Christmas projects. I did the stitching on these projects so long ago I've forgotten the names. I will pack them with my Christmas decorations for next year. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring cleaning continues

I started my day with gathering a bag for goodwill. I am bring ruthless but its hard. I have been working in friendship blooms, its such a fun stitch. And moves along so fast. My grandson now loves his swing so I should be able to get a lot of stitching done. And its so cool, I remember when my kids were little you had to keep winding up the swing, the baby would just calm down and the swing would stop. Now it just keeps going. New moms and dads have it made! Have a good stitching day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Start

So I decided to start Friendship Blooms by Blue Ribbon Designs. I am stitching it on 32 count flax Belfast.This fabric is easy to work on. I am using the weeks dye floss called for. I love this pattern it has all the elements I love. smalls, letterd and a tree. This pattern excites me. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Exchange package in the mail

My Friends stitching through the seasons package went out in the mail sat. i will post about it once I hear it arrived at its new home. I also recieved a package in the mail with a note saying "one of two, do not open until you recieve both". It had a return address so I assummed my secret pal was Karen from AZ but she posted that she wasn't my secret pal, so now I'm confused. I guess time will tell. Sat I spent time with my stitching pal Maggee. Worked on 272 words I have 4 more rows and the bottom boarder. I did.not stitch yesterday, why I don't know, have so many new projects to start. Spent time yesterday napping and cooking. I will start a new project today, but haven't decided which one. Hope everyone is enjoying our early spring. Thanks for spending time reading my blog. I appreciate all your commets.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five year plan

I am by nature a planner. Now not all my plans yield the outcome I hope for but they certainly help me stay focused. As I approach the big 60 I want to make some changes in my life. One is to move to a "senior" complex. This would save me at least $250 per month. thr draw back would be not having parking outside my door and a little less space. neither of these things bother me. so yesterday I started to weed out some of the things i will not have room for, gave my daughter about 20 cookbooks,.can't remember the last timr I used them and filled a bag for goodwill. in the past my problem has been getting the bag to goodwill, problem solved my daughter will drop the bag off every Wed. I knew there was a reason I had kids! One thing I know I will not be getting rid of stash, but I think I will be buying an amoirer to organize my prize possessions. More planning for the count down to retirement to continue.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Stash arrived!

I generally do not check my mail every day, to be honest I really check it about once a week. But since I knew I would be getting my order from ABC stitch I thought I would check every day, didn't expect it but to my surprise there it was. Well most if it anyways, lizzie Kate peace ornament and the enchanted tree were back ordered. I loved everything except the antique animal sampler. There is one animal on there that looks very weird, like a gargoyle. It spoils the whole piece for me. If I stitch it I will have to replace it. Coming along with my exchange, it will be in the mail tomarrow! Praise the stitch god. Have a good day and enjoy some quite time with your needle.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wonderful Sunday!

I had the greatest day yesterday. Spent time stitching ( still working on my exchange project) I accomplished quite a bit. It will surly be finished in time to mail on Wed. Need to go to joanns after work to get some backing fabric. I also took a three hour nap so I was able to stay up to watch Harrys Law and the Good wife. Two shows I really enjoy. Spent some time in the kitchen making a nice supper and my lunches for Mon and tues. I am starting my week feeling rested and full of energy. My world is in balance and I am grateful. Wishing you peace and serenity as you start your week. And plenty of stitching time!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

stash on its way!

I just got an email from ABC stitch that my order has been shipped. I will be anxiously waiting for the mail. After all I have nothing else to stitch! I am so impatient. This morning I did dome stash organization and honestly it was like shopping because a lot of that stuff I don't even remember buying! Either I'm slipping into old age or someone loves me and just keeps adding to my stash when I'm not looking. I chose to look at things in a positive light so thanks fairy godmother. Have a great stitching day .

Friday, March 9, 2012

Over the hump

Do you ever feel that your working on a project that will never end? That's how I was feeling about the current exchange project I'm working on. I love the pattern, the fabric and the colors. And maybe I was feeling pressured by the time crunch but I just could not motivate myself. Well I realized that one large section of this piece is a lot of solid stitching in a dark color. When I got through with this part of the pattern I breathed a sigh of relief and am now moving along nicely, confident I will compleat this project on time. Nearly 60 years old and still can't figure myself out. Have a great stitching day. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Stash!

Took a road trip today to Williamsburg. The shop there Haus Tirol has lovely things. I got all the fabric and needed threads to do the new projects I ordered from ABC Stitch (hope they come soon. I also couldn't resist some pretty spring colors, 32 ct alluring blue. Belfast,Lavender bliss, and Lugana lemon drop, also got some silks and wildflower threads with no project in mind. Just couldn't resist them. Also picked up Home, A Haven by homespun elegance. We then had a late lunch at Applebees. My new favorit resturant. The WW meals are to die for. Then came home and stitched. Although I was dying to start a new project but I'm furriously working on mu exchange project. also welcome to my two new followers. and thanks to all my readers.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

So yesterday I sent off an order to ABC stitch I got everthing on my wish list except for the Emerald Forest. The picture kind of looks like it has a zillion bird buttons and I worry about the cost . On Wed my daughter.and I are taking a road.trip to Williamsburg so I plan to stock up on threads and fabric., and I'm sure I'll find other things that I can't live without. I was up early this morning and stitched for a couple of hours before work. Love my mornings. Have a great day. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One step forward ...many steps backward

That kind of sums up my stitching day yesterday. I have been working on an exchange project which needs to go out in the next week or so. I took it to my stitch group yesterday and for the life of me I ripped out just about every stitch I put in. It seemed I just couldn't "see" the holes LOL was sitting in the same spot I always do, same light,although I don't think I've worked on this project there before. I've decided I need to take 272 words to stitch group. I guess I'm just accustomed to stitching at home. And when I got home last night I babysat Cameron. Spent my time kissing and hugging that wee one. When he fell asleep Grammie was popped. So today I need to make that needle fly. Hope everyone enjoys their day. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hearts Desire

I have been trying to get on the net all week to make up my shopping list from all the goodies from Nashville. So here goes.
1. Friendship Blooms-Blue Ribbon
2. The emerald forest-CM. Designs
3. Antique Animal Sampler-Elizabeth Designs
4. Amish alphabet-From the Heart
5. Rabbit alphabet
6. Less fear....more hope-Lizzie Kate
7. Majestic Cardinal-Bobbie G Designs

Well that should break the bank. I have not done a lot of stitching this week and really need to get busy. I have stitch group this afternoon and plan on hermitting tomarrow. Chores are done, easy meals planned. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay dry.