Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Is it only me or is the month flying by! Did get my Christmas tree down Sun-well at least the ornaments off-I will get my daughter to put it back in the box. Why is it always harder to get it back in the box? Oh well somethings are just a mystery. I put my ornaments under my bed then was worried I wouldn't remember next year so I told my daughter, my sister and son. We all can't have alzihimers next year! Didn't do much stitching over the weekend, took several maps. My daughter did come over to stitch a bit on Sunday. It was too funny watching her multi task. Cameron on her lap, seperating colors for a Shepards Bush project and eating a pudding cup. Oh I remember those days! Let nothing get in the way of a woman and her needle! Hope everyone has a great day. I appreciate your stopping by my blog.

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