Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big Plans

Got a lot to accomplish today. Right now I'm enjoying my coffee and watching one of those decluttering shows on OWN they always make me anxious. I don't feel I'm a shopaholic, but I do have a really small one bedroom apt. And like you all a lot of stash. That is one of the reasons I loved going to PALS this past year. All the joy of stitching with friends, all the excitement of seeing what others are doing without bringing home six or seven projects I never finish. I have been so fortunate to have taken classes with so many of out best designers but I'm also relieved that I have found a new way to enjoy and feed my Passion. So on to my to do list. At seven I need to be at Khols to buy my sister gifts for tomarrows family Christmas celebration. One because I picked her name and one cause she's my sister. Wish I had gotten my act together and stitched her something. But I didn't so moving on....... I need to take down the Christmas tree. Boho..... I've really enjoyed my tree this year. But it is time to move on. And last but not least I need to put together the book bags. I did not stitch yesterday but I did go grocery shopping after work. I have all I need to have another successful week at WW. Hope every one has a good Sat. Stay warm. Thanks for reading my blog. Hugs

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  1. Those shows always get me going!
    Great plans for your weekend...enjoy!