Thursday, January 5, 2012

good morning(at a loss for a catchey heading)

I've decided I'm not quite ready to let go of Christmas yet. Gives me so much pleasure to look at my tree. From the ornaments my children made for me, the ones that Hung on my childhood tree, the ones friends have made for me and the ones I've labored over and poured my love and creativity into. It all fills my heart with love and gratitude. So I may keep it up a little longer. After all the Christmas tree police are to busy to bother with me. Had a lovely day yesterday. My sister came over during her lunch hour ( she's been on a cruise since 12/15) it was fun to see her hold Cameron, brought me back to the day she first held my son on Christmas day 34 years ago. Got a little stitching done, if I could only figure out how to stitch with my feet so I could cuddle Cameron at the same time. Wouldn't that make a dent in my stash! Multi tasking at its best. Have a warm and happy day. Thanks for reading my ramblings. Hugs

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