Tuesday, January 3, 2012

early start

well its 3:30,yes am and i am up. I plan is to be at the YMCA at 5 and swim for 30 min. And to be to work at 7. I've had several cups of coffee, read a few blogs, started a load of laundry and caught up on words with friends. After this brief post I hope to get on 15 min. Of stitching . I am working I'm making three "book bags" for my two great nieces and Cameron. We are having our family Christmas gathering on 1/15. Everyone goes out of town for Christmas and we usually celebrate a week beforehand but this year was to busy. The adults exchange names and each adult brings a stocking stiffer for the kids. Last year a stitched actual stocking but this year I needed to be creative. I am not a seamstress so the bags are pretty simple. The have the kids names stitched PB them. I've stitched Karissa and Audrey and half of Cameron. I am determined to post a picture so get ready to help me Maggee. Have a great stitching day.

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