Friday, January 13, 2012

Crazy Wind

I can sure hear it howling out there. I know its not cold because I haven't heard my heat go on. I was nearly 70 yesterday. Loving this "winter". But today makes me want to go back to bed. It's funny with having Wednesdays off I wake up really confused, can I stay in bed or not? Did not get any stitching done yesterday. Made a quick trip to Target yesterday to buy some children's books to put in the book bag. ARE YOU KIDDING ME I could not believe the price of childrens books. Little paperbacks were six bucks! crazy! i planned on buying three books for each of the three children. needless to say they each got one. a girl has to save her money for stash. When I think of the hundreds ok let's be honest many hundreds of books my children had. Should of saved them who knew they were money in the bank! Same applies to stash ladies, buy now save for your old age. Have a great day. Read to a child if you can perferably a library book.


  1. Definitely a library book! Missed hearing the wind... funny! Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  2. I have Mondays off and I do the same thing! Books, period, are so expensive. I managed though, to buy every Junie B. Jones for my daughter when she was small. She's now almost 17 and not really a big reader. Have a super weekend!