Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where's the pictures?

I'm still struggling with how to do this from my smart phone. Yesterday my stitching buds helped me download an app but for some reason it will not let me type I'm my email. Please hang in there with me I'm determined to figure this out. This may be a job for my computer wizz son who unfortunately gets very impatient with his tech challenged mom. Stitched yesterday with my stitch group. And all four of us were there.2011 brought many challenges for us all. Sickness, family responsibleities, lose but continued to stay connected and it was good to be a group again. I was gifted with some lovely Christmtas gifts(I love it when the holiday keeps going). I recieved a lovely hand made set of placemats,quilted, with a lovely cardnial theme. Love them. I also recieved a lovely tree to display my smalls, I will need to get busy. Hope to get some quality stitching time, In between getting organized for the coming week. I noticed I have a new follower. Welcome! Have a stitch filled day, be good to yourselves today.

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