Tuesday, January 31, 2012

good morning!

At a loss for a catchey title. The spaghetti treat was a big hit with the patients yesterday.(I thought it was a nice change from tom based sauce). We get to do it all over again today. It's really hard to get enough protein into our patients when most have incomes under $700 and get about $30 in food stamps. I don't know how people do it and it defeats the purpose of spending thousands of dollars on medical care but we don't feed people. Ok off my soap box. I stitched a little in the afternoon but was in bed early. And tonight TV will be filled with election results and nothing puts me to sleep sooner. Today is supposed to be near 70 and I hope to get out of work a little early to enjoy some of that. I love to get home and sit in my car for a bit and read. Corney I know. Have a great day. Share a smile with someone today.

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  1. Probably no more corny than having lunch in my car and then stitching! I look forward to this warm bit of weather too! Hugs!